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Joining Our Markets

Here you will find the basic information that you will need to decide whether to join one of our markets. We have strict rules to ensure the safety of our customers and to maintain our markets’ high standards. If you would like to be given the opportunity to trade at one of our venues you need to register with us first. Before you can do this all food businesses must first register with their Local Authority, which will mean that a Local Authority Officer will visit your food premises and STAR rate your business. All food businesses must have a HACAP in place and you and your staff will need the minium of a Basic Hygiene Certificate. It is also a legal requirement to have hot and cold washing facilites on your stand. This can be achived by a number of methods e.g. a Burco boiler (if electricity is available), flasks etc. You need to discuss this and find out what is acceptable at each market, with the local EHO. You must also have a seperate HACAP for your market business as all EHO's will expect to see this on your stand at each market. This can in most cases be covered by using Safer Food Better Business which can be supplied free of charge from your Local Authority or The Food Standards Agency. Public Liability Insurance is a must and all traders must have at least £5 million cover. To join us all this must be in place. To go on the waiting list and be considered you must send a copy of your Basic Hygiene Certificate and a copy of your Public Liability Insurance to us after you have completed the online registration. IF YOU DO NOT SEND THESE DOCUMENTS TO US YOU WILL NOT BE ADDED TO OUR WAITING LIST AND NOT CONSIDERED FOR ANY OF OUR MARKETS.

Our Basic Rules and Guidelines.


We have simple rules for our markets and expect all traders to follow them. If there are any problems, we wil be happy to discuss them with you. However from time to time we have asked traders to leave; this is because we expect the highest standards from our traders and especially when you are dealing with the public. If you are lucky enough to be invited to join us, you will be asked to pay one months rent in advance for each and every market you are offered. Rent is then payable on each day's market so you are always one month in front. If it does not work out for you and you wish to stop coming to a market we require one month’s notice. Will you be the sole trader with your product on a given market? The answer is clearly no, that is because we encourage healthy competition. However we will not flood a market with too many stallholders of the same produce as it would be very hard for traders to earn a living. Click the link above to view our general rules and please bear in mind that each market will have its own practices to fit in with site layout,  times we are allowed on site etc. We provide an industrial gazebo for you to stand under, this is to give a uniform look on all of our markets. We only allow you to use your own if it's of a standard that fits in and meets Health & Safety Standards as we are in public places. We do not provide tables for you to use on your stand.
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