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Essex Farmers Markets

Putting Customers and Producers face-to-face.

The   huge   popularity   of   Farmers’   Markets   across   the   UK   today   has   marked a    return    to    simple,    uncomplicated,    face-to-face    transactions    between producers    and    their    customers,    in    the    belief    that    bigger    is    not    always better. For    more    than    half    a    century,    the    demands    of    modern    living    have encouraged   the   growth   of   a   superstore   mentality   with   its   pre-packaged foods    and    all-year-round    chain    of    supply.    Seasons    and    regions    where produce    was    at    its    natural    best    were    bypassed    in    order    to    fulfil    the commercial   requirement   of   constant   availability.   Transport,   packaging   and volume   of   production   were   all   geared   to   the   needs   of   the   industry   and people   began   to   forget   the   tastes   of   freshly   picked   fruit   and   vegetables, locally reared meat and traditionally baked bread and cakes. Over   the   last   decade,   however,   consumers   have   realised   that   there   is   an alternative.   The   wish   to   return   to   real   food,   produced   near   home,   began   to make   sense   as   freshness,   flavour   and   food   value   were   once   again   seen   as important.     The     food-buying     public     rediscovered     farm     shops     and remembered    how    food    once    was    before    it    was    processed    and    pre- packaged   for   the   international   marketplace.   They   also   became   concerned about   how   many   miles   their   food   had   travelled   and   the   implications   for   the environment. Creating    Farmers’    Markets    has    proved    to    be    the    perfect    way    of    re- establishing   a   direct   relationship   between   producer   and   consumer.   Their existence   is   helping   to   revive   old   craft   traditions   and   small-scale   production where   commitment   and   direct   accountability   contribute   significantly   to   the quality of the produce. At    Essex    Farmers’    Markets,    we    are    fostering    these    values    by    bringing selected   local   producers   to   village   halls,   high   streets   and   market   squares around   the   county.   You   could   say   that   we   are   going   back   to   the   farm   gate to rediscover a taste of Essex. Contact 01268 733111

Upcoming Events

Friday 18th, 25th August 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th September 09:00 Brentwood Chartered Farmers and Retail Market (High Street) Saturday  19th, 26th August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 22nd, 30th September Brentwood Chartered Farmers and Retail Market (High Street) Saturday 26th August 9th, 23rd September  09:00 Southend-on-Sea (High Street) Sunday 27th August 24th September  10:00 Highams Park (The Avenue) Sunday 3rd Septemeber 1st October  10:00 Wanstead Sunday 10th September 8th October  10:00 Loughton (High Road)
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